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Hurry! You must teach coding to your kids

A tough journey you can't resist

Within last couple of years teaching how to code to kids has become a very popular topic. Tech guys, educators, schools and governments started to invest more on this topic and they try to sell the idea to the parents. In this post I will share my own experience with my 8 year old son Arda and try to formulate couple of gotchas.

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How to keep coding?

A personal take on career management

Software development and all related stuff is a joy you will never want to give up. But the truth is, you will sometimes feel exhausted and need to head to different directions in your career. This post is mostly about my personal experience and I will try to share couple of advices with you.

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How is Microsoft doing with .NET Core?

A short hands on experience with an OSX guy

In this blog post I will tell you a story and share my couple of cents on .NET Core, Microsoft’s last gig.

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Jenkins Kurulum ve Yapılandırma Notları

This post is in Turkish

Bu yazımda daha önce sizlerle paylaştığım “Environment Branching With Git” yaklaşımında adı geçen deployment otomasyonu için Jenkins’i nasıl konfigüre edebileceğmize ilişkin notlarımı paylaşıyorum.

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Environment Branching With Git

Bilgi Software Development Team Git Workflow

In this blog post I will give you some details about the Git Workflow we are using at İstanbul Bilgi University.

Bilgi Git Workflow

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